latest mass killing

Lets use this to post about local or world wide events - keep it simple and without opinions, by keeping a running tally we see that “guns” is not the issue - but violence is the issue.

Jul 18/19 South Columbus Ga 4 killed - knife
Jul 18/19 Kyoto Jpn 33 killed - arson
Jul 23/19 Brooklyn NY 1 killed 2 injured - knife
Aug 8,9/19 Thailand 4 killed, 12 injured - explosive device
Aug 8/19 Garden Grove, Cal 4 killed, 2 injured - knife
Aug 8/19 Pittsburgh Pa, 1 killed, 1 injured - knife
Aug 13/19 Sidney Aus. 1 killed 1 injured - knife
Aug 17/19 Kabul - 63 killed 182 injured - explosive device
tens days earlier 10 killed 150 injured - explosive device
Aug 18/19 Turkey - 11 killed, 200 injured - various explosive devices
Aug 19/19 Bannu Pakistan, 20 killed - explosive device
Aug 19.19 Manhattan, NY - 2 killed - knife/fall from heights
Aug 20/19 Gaziantep, Turkey - 22 dead, 94 injured - explosive device


Again this is not a gun problem, it is a heart problem. Until we address the fact that all people have the capacity to do evil and address that underlying issue by teaching respect for authority and neighbors, no amount of gun control will stop the violence.


Sorry to read of a spoiled wedding, the Reception was really explosive. Too bad folks cannot lay down politics and warfare for a short time of importance.


We’re focusing on the wrong thing.


LONDON’S knife epidemic has reached unprecedented levels and there have been 86 deaths in the capital since the start of 2019.* Updated: 19 Aug 2019, 17:15

And here’s a good amount of stabbings just this month

I’ll bet the woman in California in this video getting stabbed wishes she had a gun on her to defend herself. The guy stabbing her had already gone on a stabbing spree, killing four people and injuring another two people. Those numbers make it a mass killing just as if it a firearm were used.