Laugo Arms alien pistol


This looks interesting


Not a Star wars fan. Ray gun looks are lost on me.
A Kriss makes me ill. LOL


IDK that low barrel may really be helpful, I’d like to see one in person to check the machine work/quality,

slide looks CZ style and riding in the frame rather than over it, you might not want to dismiss this one so quick.


Nothing a 1911 -HP or 75 won’t do just as well or better IMHO.
I’m a gunist.

AKA opinionated wise ass


I bet there is little to no muzzle flip with the bore sitting that low.


I have already messaged the company about availability and dealer status. I want one to try! Looks cool


Very interesting. The gun remains very flat while shooting. Am I the only one that thinks the grip looks a little HiPointish.


That was uncalled for… :neutral_face:


I just contacted the company in hopes of getting a T&E in the studio, or at the very least, get them here to take a look.


Seems kind of gimmickie and has unneeded atributes
A blow back gun doesn’t need a piston that’s why it’s called blow back
Maybe a cool range toy for people to talk about but I wouldn’t carry it everyday or go to war with it
Just my .02


I would agree with you. Seems like a great comp or range gun. But until I get one in my hands I can’t speak for other qualities.


I guess my first impression of it was that it’s almost you like and almost for a lazy shooter
Modularity is one thing but it just seemed gimmikie


I’ve been keeping an eye on this pistol for a bit now. It’ll be expensive - very expensive.

They’re also working through reliability issues st the moment.

In addition to the low bore, one of the other cool things about it is you can mount a red dot on it without the red dot reciprocating. And due to the slide design, every little mass moves back and forth, aiding to the low recoil flip.


Very much so
It’s one of the things that I council friends and customers on
Just because it’s new and cool don’t run out to get one right away let them get out in the market and have some real world field testing done by the consumers
There are always issues with new weapons and kinks that need to be worked out


There were alot of revolver guys skeptical of the 1911 too :open_mouth:


My concern about guns like this is they get to complicated. More parts, more problems.


Hence why I love the ak


What about 1911s?


I love them equally as well


Thats actually a good idea.