Leather Ammo Pouch by Podavach LLC


Greetings community. Please welcome, exclusively for Full30.
The new product - the Leather Ammo Pouch by Podavach.
Designed to carry 40 rounds of .308 Winchester.
Made of Italian Waxed Leather.
Has dedicated space for 2 pens and a place to keep your notes.

We put style, quality and practicality together to make a new, long-time desired accessory.
A perfect addition to your firearm collection.

The first batch will be limited and opened for pre-orders only.

If you-re interested in product - fill the short form to place the pre-order.


I’m not big on leather shooting accessories, but this seems decently functional as well as pretty sharp looking.


I must say, that is impressive I like it. Might have to get one for my .308. That will look amazing at the range.


Very nice!!! If it held 410 shells I would be in need of a couple.ill have to check some dimensions


What is the price of this?


@LonewolfMcQuade, I was just looking at his website starts at 99$ up to 250$ for the leather Edition with custom printing.


Wow!!! Great looking design!:+1:


Pretty awesome. Might compliment my Mosin pretty well but would need to work with 7.62x54R.


Can you do one of those in 460 S&W Magnum?


Yes,sure,we can do that.
@KeithP, please fill the short form.


Greetings, community.
If you are interested in Leather Ammo Pouch please visit :point_down:


Any plans on doing a 7.62x54R?


Man that is fancy!