Left go full tilt for gun control

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Media, Anti-Gun Left Go Full Tilt for Gun Control

Then there’s New Zealand.

As if there weren’t enough gun battles to fight in this country, the media is now trying to use a horrible tragedy abroad as an excuse for more gun control here.

The Daily Caller is running my opinion editorial today, detailing the misinformation and misreporting that the media is circulating in the aftermath of what happened in New Zealand.

Here are the three main points, which can be seen in the Daily Caller article here:

  1. New Zealand has far greater gun control than we have in the United States. More gun control has not made people any safer.
  2. The killer broke off the attack, only after being confronted with a weapon. It’s not your typical “good guy with a gun” story, but lives were still saved — and few outlets have mentioned it.
  3. There is documented evidence that media reporting on mass shootings has actually fueled great anger and mayhem and … death.

On this last point, how convenient that the media avoids any accountability by shifting the focus away from themselves and, instead, are calling for Second Amendment restrictions.

Several media outlets are falsely claiming that Australia’s gun confiscation lowered crime rates and stopped mass shootings from occurring.

And they make these claims, hoping to gin up support for a ban on commonly-owned firearms here.

But both of these assertions are false, as the Daily Caller article shows.

One thing is for sure, however. Given that New Zealand already registers semi-automatic firearms, officials will now have a target list which they can turn into a gun confiscation list.

And just as gun confiscation failed to stop mass killings and mass shootings in Australia, it will most certainly not make the people any safer in New Zealand.

Both of these countries are reminders that the anti-gun Left will keep pushing for gun control until they get their desired goal — gun confiscation.


I’ll die first. Me and my family’s constitutional rights are more important and supersedes any of these illegal laws. The 2A is quite literally designed to combat gun confiscation, the founding fathers knew this sort of thing would happen. That is the irony here, the left are actually committing treason and tyranny and should be dealt with accordingly.


“If you want peace, prepare for war”


I could not say anything more succinct, appropriate, useful or principled than that statement from @LonewolfMcQuade. And that is a realization of the post by @Grenz45 and seconded by @Chuparosa. Touche’


Just remember i’m on meds at the moment, but the left and gun haters that want to take my guns can eat shit and die. then send someone else from their graves to die trying to take them.


They knew, because history often repeats itself.

In April of 1775, the first battles of the American Revolutionary War were fought at Lexington Green and Concord Bridge. Those battles took place, because the governor of Massachusetts had sent troops to confiscate guns. The governor was concerned about the growing tax protests, and felt that a disarmed population would be easier to control. The population chose to not comply.


Don’t forget the right has gun grabbers and gun control advocates too.


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