Let me play you the song of my people


Is there any better sound than lead on steel? So much more rewarding than cardboard or paper.


I aim to please you know.


Gonna go shoot my frying pan in honor!:hushed:


The first time I heard on video the sound of a 7.62x54R hit a steel target through my sound system I was mesmerized. I can only imagine how awesome the steel ringing in person sounds.


So @jf89. Why the sudden purge of so many posts? I don’t recall any (or many) being terribly controversial.


I was wondering the exact same thing?


Yea, same here? (to hit 20)


Just watch out for those jacketed bullets that ricochet off steel.
Almost lost an eye to one.
Good thing it hit the safety glasses first, then the side of my nose.
Had to pull it out with pliers.
Lead bullets just smack, jacketed ones can send shrapnel.