Let regular guy training on


He needs to be on here .


Definitely not. He’s bloody annoying, looks like he’s 12 and is pretentious. Let’s keep the men seperate from the boys shall we.


Regular Guy has made some good videos. The fact that he looks young shouldn’t matter. The gun community needs to stick together now more than ever, seeing we’re under attack like never before. Also James Yeager should have some videos on FULL30 too. He’s an American Patriot and he loves the Second Amendment. He’s done a lot for the gun community and we should help support his https://libertv.com/ as well as FULL30.


I’m with the Butcher on this one. Young and pretentious frequently walk hand in hand. But while sometimes annoying, youth on the pro gun side is refreshing and needed in our quest to take over (sorry) take back our freedoms.


I don’t give an F what the demographics are of someone. If they are in our camp bring them on here. Whomever doesn’t like them can ignore them. :cowboy_hat_face:


Although I agree we all need to stick together to help save our gun rights, there are some people that are a bit careless with guns (like the FBI agent doing a back flip, dropping his loaded gun, then firing it accidentally when he picked it up). Sure, they can come, but is there some way to categorize them such that for those newbies to the gun world, they are warned that such misbehavior, or mishandling of guns, should not be imitated?

I know on YouTube, there are plenty of fools-with-guns videos. Perhaps if somehow they get labeled as such here, we will all be fine (as it is also good to know what trouble can be caused by being foolish with a gun).


I think Garand Thumb is fantastic, and his followers are hilarious (myself being one). Part of the appeal is that he is absolutely learned and serious with his info, but acknowledges that not everyone is a delta-seal-sniper-oper8er. That, and his jest towards the military community are what works. And let’s be honest, the military community is “out there.”


Bring over Tony Ben3. Great M14 M1A videos.



funny! LOL…