Let’s say you win the Mega Millions or Powerball...


What is the first boom stick you buy/build? Why?


Mg42 just because
Maybe a 20mm orlican
Or a 20mm lahti
A draganov for sure
And a ma deuce for sure


Nice. I like that that is the first one you get… :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Mg42 has one of the highest cyclic rates of any machine gun
It’s just bad ass
If you haven’t ever shot one you owe to yourself to go to knobb creek machine gun shoot one year


A 1911 made out of meteorite.


A hydrogen bomb would be cool , for historical reasons.


Realistically what would you get


I would buy Saddam’s gold AK and the HK 416 that killed Osama. Those would make good conversation pieces. Also would look into the first AR prototype and the White Deaths Mosin.


33 Nosler M48 Custom rifle - then I’m off for a moose.


Valmet M76
POF P300
Blazer tac2 “sig” import.


You all sure you don’t want an XM-42 M?

I can get it for you right now for $700 shipped. Haha


Good list
I almost put the fnc in my list but machine guns and anti aircraft Huns came to mind first lol


Oh and A Sig 550 series , FNC and a HK G36/ converted SL8


I’d build a bunker complex in a nice place somewhere
The entire real hous being under the ground
With a log cabin ranch style home above ground for looks



Didn’t know you guys could conceal carry up there.


Load up on ammo, magazines, scopes, spare parts, maybe a silencer or two, and get me some rifles in .50 BMG, among other things.

Then, have a house built with an arsenal room or suite - heavily fortified - so I could store everything properly.


One of the new BARs and an original followed by plenty of ammo.


I would probably build a ranch somewhere in a free state out west where I could shoot anysize weapon I see fit, and have a race track for tanks.


Original Chicago Typewriter for sure.