Let’s see those back up guns


I carry a smith and Wesson model 36 for a back up. I know there’s better options out there but this gun has a special nostalgia to me. What are you guys running for ankle guns?


If its good enough to back James Bond up, its good enough to be my back up for the last 4 years.


I wouldn’t knock either for a primary weapon :+1:


^ This.


^ That.


Just curious, does anyone use a Seecamp 380 auto with 6 rounds capacity, and smaller than my Samsung phone?


Merlin7 those guns are slick. And supposedly they are built really well. I’ve never shot one I have a bodyguard with the laser that fills the pocket 380 roll. But if I got my hands on one I would definitely buy it.


Yes, the Seecamps are 6+1 and will take most premium type rounds. I carry it in front pocket. I’ll get a photo with my walther PPK/S as comparison


This is close comparison for you @Thatoneguy


That’s pretty neat @Merlin7!


The recoil on that thing is nuts.


@Merlin7 they are pretty sweet. I didn’t realize they were that small.


Mine is a customized Glock G42… stuffed with Underwood +p+ rounds…



Thanks, @Robert can tell you about a picture fiasco—in the past. I found the 380 to be much easier to shoot than my fore-runner in 32acp. Considering what it is designed for, it is incredibly useful. Also, with the 6+1 as hot as is needed, it seems worth a bit more. The 25acp model was first and no longer made, 32acp and 380 all dimensions are identical in size.

I’ll get off my soap-box now, obviously I like them. :grampa::sunglasses:


My backup… Glock G42


My staggered Underwood ammo :shushing_face::skull::skull_and_crossbones::boom:


Browning 1911 380 rides backup from time to time./

Underwood/Buffalo Bore 380 the good stuff👍