Let’s see your bullpups!


Let’s see whatcha got folks! I’ll start with my first. Will be getting a PS90 most likely here soon so I’ll post that up at that time once in hand.

Hi-Point 995TS carbine chambered in 9mm with an HTA bullpup stock Shoots like a dream and is very accurate. No malfunctions.


Nice! Haven’t seen 1 like that.


What ammo you shooting out of it?


That stock just came out. I was on their mailing list for it for months!

Here’s what the PCC looked like before. It was an ugly duckling but is very good to shoot.





Stock is a sweet upgrade! I know the caliber is 9mm. I meant brand, steel case or brass…


Oh, duh! I’ve sent brass, steel and lacquer coated through it. Most of it was Monarch, Silver Bear and Winchester white box. Recoil is almost nonexistent.


That’s awesome! Affordable to shoot too.


Very. Especially with Winchester white box. :cowboy_hat_face:


Bulkammo.com got tula 9mm steel case $155 per 1000



I really like that. What an improvement over the original.


Iwi tavor, 5.56,(not as cheap to shoot) red dot& 3x Burris magnifier. 30 rnd pmag vert. Grip! With bayonet,
Just because


That looks badass.


I like it. 18 inch barrel in a compact package.


Don’t have a decent picture yet but here’s my newly acquired PS90 also bought an extra 50rd mag. The guy at the store swapped out the parts for a 50rd mag and the 30rd that came with it. So I have two 50rd mags.


Can’t wait to hear how range day goes!


I cannot wait to get out to the range. Still need to shoot my new .45LC SA wheelgun. I want to try and get out sometime in the next week or so, but we have a ton of stuff to do so… I really wish we were relocated already so I could just step out my door and fire some off at the homemade range.


That will be a dream come true!


Indeed! I don’t need fancy electronics, cars, video games, watches, suits and etc. My dream is a simple one. Freedom!