Let’s see your bullpups!


I’ll play along
I don’t have this anymore but I wish I did


That looks awesome. Forgive me being a noob, what is it?


Styer aug


I like it.


I wish I still owned it


Tavors are actually pretty sexy


I’m not a big fan of them or the x95
I respect them for what they can do but they feelike plastic cheap toys


Most guys who wield AKs dont like Israeli firepower.


I’ve owned a galil and a imi desert eagle
I’m not into space she plastic guns that can be thrown hard enough to break into pieces


That’s combat grade polymer, much more sturdy than sheet metal.


Wouldn glock fit that disription? (Hence why I’m a 1911 fan over plastic, although I own some)


I believe that I’ve stated that I’m not a Glock fan here before I have a17 that was a gift and a few 80% builds but that’s because they were very very cost effective for me
I am a 1911 man hands down or a sig or S&w
I EDC a m@p full size or a sa 1911 range officer champion


Great taste sir!