Let’s see your pistol caliber AR’s


I’ll start:
9mm Glock mag pistol AR with blade brace and Vortex Sparc II

Technically not a long gun, but I figured most replies will be. So anything AR in a pistol caliber qualifies.


:confounded: I don’t have one. Rats!


If you ever get the chance to build one, I’d highly recommend it. In pistol or carbine form, they are unbelievably just plain fun to shoot.
I do have to warn you not to let other people try it though…unless they use their own ammo :wink:
I’ve made that mistake before, and watched my ammo evaporate quicker than rain in Phoenix!


I probably would but I have a Beretta cx4 storm for a 9mm carbine. Maybe some day I will build one. As it sits I just ordered a CZ BREN 805.


Quick question. Do you know if any company makes parts so I could build a 10mm? If so I would definitely be interested!


You are going to hate me for this because now you are going to have to find some more money in your firearms budget :laughing:
Check out New Frontier Armory
Complete 10mm uppers, bolts, Glock mag lowers…I apologize in advance!


I just got started on a 9mm build. Got this 16" upper from Faxon firearms. Also have a ELF 2 stage trigger, push button safety, and ultra light adjustable stock, got several grips to choose from as well. Still looking for a dedicated Glock mag lower or a mag adapter. I also hope to build either a .40, .45, or 10mm pistol caliber carbine. Or I might just do them all.


@Comanchero45 @Robert
Thank you guy’s both for the information. I will have to start saving up!


Wait, did I read that right?! Can you build a pistol carbine AR chambered in 10mm? Sold.


Oh no, you’ll win. It’ll be at least a year or two before I do it. If I’m still with my company this time next year I’ll use my bonus to build one or to buy an AK. Al depends on the funds!


Here is a video of my AR9 build from January.


Very nice looking build…I really like the short barrel versions. Believe it or not, my 4.5” barrel build is more accurate at 100 yards than the 16” carbine build I did previously.


If you’re looking for a dedicated Glock mag lower, I highly recommend the New Frontier Armory version. Best price I’ve found, and worth every penny. Excellent quality, a lot of nice little “extras” and very well engineered. They also have a matching upper that has a LRBHO if that’s important to you.
JoeBob Outfitters usually carries them with the JBO logo on them for a few dollars less than the NFA site.


+1 on Joe Bob Outfitters. Great site, got tons of stuff there and I’m completely satisfied.