"Let's find the stupidest game we could ever play - Russian Roulette with our feet" (It goes exactly how you would expect)


This is NOT responsible gun ownership


Nope it’s not, but on the bright side people like that might start playing it the correct way and BANG! No more morons.


Not once but twice?! Really…


Someone earned the Darwin award.


HAHAHAHAHA!! By all means keep playing


Not sure why the name of the article says “goes wrong”. The game worked as designed.
That is if the video is real. It doesn’t appear to be.


Good point, im probably not going to be playing that game.


That actually speaks very highly of you, except for when you said “probably”


I live in Oregon …theres always a chance that I will lose my mind.


For that you can always come to California. :slight_smile:


We are following California down the toilet, we just got alot of conservatives to go through first.


I hope the cancer doesn’t spread further. It is really sad that it has metastasized so much already.


At least we still have less restrictive gun laws than Cali.