Let's see those 4x4's


Not 4x4, but F250 Turbo 7.3 that’s been all over this country at least twice. Over 250k now and still gong strong.


This is my newest 4x4


Funny you mention that, I keep trying to get her to pick. She loves both so that’s no help.

Unless I can get a screaming deal on a new one both are going to be a year old and gently used. By the time we move to ID a used one will be paid off most likely. A new one will take a little longer but not break the bank in doing so due to the substantial down payment I’m making.


I’m more of a pickup kind of a guy.

Past flings would be able to confirm that statement :laughing:

That’s why I’m leaning more towards the 4x4.

Still - both are very cool :sunglasses:


I wouldn’t kick it out of the driveway :sunglasses:

Back a few years (12+) I bought a new HD2500 4x4 and got a EXT for the Mrs, same 6.0 engine, but not at all the same performance, Cadillac really winds them up, always preferred the EXT


Let me tell ya somethin,

our Cadillac has NO PROBLEM whatsoever getting around in any snow, both on the road and off. Trust me, I’ve tried it out :joy:

I was amazed in it’s ability and handles much better than my 4x4 F350 in the worst snow conditions believe or not!


I believe you, I had a stock 80’s Subaru wagon that would out-mud a lifted Jeep CJ :open_mouth:


That’s hilarious, I had an 80s wagon subaru too :rofl:

I’d take it everywhere, including out ice fishing on the lake in the dead of winter :laughing:


Well forget all this. Just heard back on the appraisal on the house and it’s $12k less than what it is actually worth so no new vehicle for me!


You didn’t grease the wheels when the appraiser was over



Is that just one appraisal and do you have multiple ones, and do have any idea what your neighbors might be approximately?

Sorry to hear regardless.

Sounds to me like the housing market hasn’t recovered yet really…


The housing market has recovered we just had a run of investment groups buy up 50% up our neighborhood and turn it in to rental properties. That hurt value across the board.

We still owe less than half what’s its worth so the housing market really turned around in the last 7 years. So we are still good to pay off all debt minus my current Charger. Love this car so I’m not hurting. I will say I’m gonna drop some cash for a VEPR and something else expensive with the down payment monies left over.


Hah. :smiley:


When I read the title of this thread a while back I assumed “way off road jeep stuff.” But if were talking trucks, here’s what the wife and I got about a year ago. Replaced a 2002 Suburban we bought new on our honeymoon to Yosemite. Had 180K trouble free miles on it when we gave it to one of our daughters last year.

Then we got this 2017 Ram 2500 Diesel Long Bed. (Fun to park in the city!!!) and a 5th wheel.
Maiden voyage was up to Idaho for the eclipse.


Sweet! :+1:




Beautiful pickup & setup :+1:


When I had my Durango.


Thats how its done!


I was raising my daughter on my own and had a two wheel drive Ford Ranger as my daily driver. While at work one day when we started to get some heavy snow and I got a call from my daughter’s school that they were dismissing early. The Ranger tried hard, but it was just flat helpless on the snow and ice. I was the last parent to show up to get my daughter that day.

I decided I was never taking that chance again. This Ford F250, V10 lifted 4X4 with 35" Swampers has never let me down!


Tell the truth, you have oil stocks? ExxonMobil?

I had an Excursion with the V10 and I’m guessing it got a steady 8 gallons to the mile :tired_face: