Let's see your ear pro!


Let’s see your ear pro! Mine is pretty basic that was given to me but it’s better than nothing! I’ll looking for some ear buds and low profile over-the-ear soon. I’m curious as to what you all use!


I mostly use the cheap foam plugs sold in packs coupled with non-electronic muffs. At first, I didn’t know how to properly insert the foam plugs until I saw a youtube video explaining the proper way to do so. I think the foam plugs have a noise reduction rating (NRR) of over 30 db. The ear muffs I use are some cheap ones I got that are also rated at over 30 NRR. This combo is great for loud calibers and shotgun blasts. The main complaints I have about the combo include:

  1. I can hardly hear and understand conversations or oral instructions at a match;

  2. Once the foam plugs fully expand inside the outer ear canal, they can be a bit difficult and sometimes slightly painful to remove.

I’ve tried electronic ear muffs, like the Howard Leights Sport. I like their slim profile, but they don’t fully seal around my ear, especially when wearing eye pro, and they don’t quite fit my narrow head all that well, causing them to sometimes move around. Their noise refuction rating isn’t as high, either, and I prefer the most NRR as possible for added protection.

I haven’t tried other electronic muffs for fitment, yet. I’ve noticed the slim profile ones don’t offer as high of an NRR as the bigger ones do, but I guess that’s the compromise one makes when seeking a slimmer profile. I suppose combining the lower rated NRR slim profile ones with foam plugs might be the ticket, but I haven’t found a combo yet that I like.

I haven’t tried the custom ear pieces, either.

Curious to hear about what other folks use that works for them.


Any thoughts on a decent set of ear buds? I don’t like stuff on my head like over the ear stuff. Plus it plays havoc when trying to use iron sights on a rifle.


I have to have ear pro for work (after grinding for an hour your ears start ringing.) So these are the cheep ones I got for work and for shooting


Hey I’ve got caldwell electric and I use them when shooting handguns and use foamys underneath when shooting loud reports(like my 25 baby Browning make your ears PING) so loud so small not a carry .when I shoot rifle (left handed with right hand rifle muffs gotta go also
Sometimes like or need to wear my hat and again muffs are. Out.but calwells work well and for those times when you need to hear instructions they are nice!hearing aid for older shooters!


If you’re looking for decent ear buds try the Howard Leight Max Lites. I wear them at work and to the range. They’re cheap and work really well, though I keep asking “What?” when people talk to me.


I use generic ear muffs w/audio and the foam inserts when shooting handgun (indoor,outdoor). That way I can hear the the range officer. When shooting my long guns (suppressed)I use a thinner ear muffs/audio (outdoor). If multiples shooters present I’ll add ear plugs and turn the volume up as needed. I have enough hearing loss - service connected. Don’t need any more.


I use the same and I have no complaints.


I use the Walker Razor ear buds . About $100 at Midwayusa.


I use walker electronic, nice to hear what’s going on around me! In the field, just radiance buds that let me hear but block majority of the blast


Any suggestions on ear buds a little cheaper?


I looked these are the best I found for the money. They last 10 hours on a charge and still work as hearing protection after that


I’ll do some research. $100 is a bit rich for my blood especially when I have ear pro already. :slight_smile: