Let's see your Gun safes


Not my safe but I really like the concept - mine sit in the closet or under the bed in locked cases guarded by the bed monster


Man I really would like to brag and post mine but I’m pretty private and paranoid. I’ll just say mine is from Rhino Metals out of … you guessed it, Idaho.


What guns? What safe?


but you watched this video also?


Guns are BAD, m’kay? I gave all mine to the PO-lease before they (the guns) killed me…


I dunno. That’s getting pretty personal. How 'bout a dick-pic instead? :selfie:


No, and not really relevant to what I was trying to say. :+1: No need to be a Buzz Killington in here yo. :cowboy_hat_face:



Here’s my gun…and it’s safe, in its holster :wink:


I have seen that video or one just like it. If the safe is bolted down, it would seem to be harder to do that.
On another note, I have the brand of safe that he displays prominently in the background. Hopefully that is a good thing relative to being pried open. My safe is also not in the open, nor is it in a closet.


I would think easier as it provides leverage to pry against…

but don’t plan to try :sunglasses:


bolting down the safe only means you made it harder to carry away. Anyone wanting in will get in as many a bank will attest to.


You want a safe that has locking bolts going in all four sides of the door.


Here is mine. I did the lighting myself. Its a Fort Knox. I have another one that’s smaller but no pictures of it.

This is a few years ago when the picture was taken and its pretty crowded now.


do you use anything to dehumidify?


I have one of these in there but not in the picture.


Same here. I also use a plug-in goldenrod. I lived in the rainy Pacific Northwest and now live in the humid Midwest, and I’ve never had any moisture problems.