Lets see your Sexy revolvers


It’s hard to deny that revolvers are the sexiest handguns on the face of the earth. Here are two of my top beauties. Post up yours.

S&W 500 magnum, 8" barrel. One of my most prized handguns.

Dan Wesson .44 magnum, 10" barrel

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Nice revolvers. Too bad all we have are a Hertiafe Rough Rider and a bunch of co2 BB revolvers. I’ve a Dan Wesson replica of their snubnose .357 and a couple of Colt licensed SAAs.

I’m hoping to get a proper .38sp / .357 snubnose soon to start. Followed by a SAA reproduction at some point.


My wife has a .38 special.


Dan Wesson 15-2V w/compensator

Dan Wesson 715 (old) Dan Wesson 715 (new)


Well dang, that is nice.


thanks… I adore revolvers… have some. :slight_smile:


I love shooting them. I’m a big bore guy, the 500 mag is easier to shoot than my .50ae desert eagle. My wife prefers revolvers as well.




SW 66 (no dash)


SW 686+


SAA 1873
(Ruger Vaquero, Uberti El Patron Competition)

(Ruger SASS Vaquero)


This 586 is unfired and in the box. It has the matt black finish with only 2500 made.

These are my Rugers.

I picked this one up several years ago. It has been fired but in really nice shape with the original box.



Ruger super redhawk. 44 mag w/Leopold 2-7× scope & Hogue grip


@LonewolfMcQuade, great looking Hunters!


@Tactical_Reviews, the snow picture is so cool!


Nice piece! I like the lazer !!!




@LonewolfMcQuade, do you happen to drive a supercharged Ramcharger?


couple more…
SW mod 14-3

SW mod 27-2


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I hope no one alive today believes such nonsense.