Lets see your Sexy revolvers


What exactly is that?


Robert has very good taste in firearms…it more then makes up for the ozzy fetish.


Me too, homey likes quality. Theres another guy @sergetoll that has an impressive collection as does @Tactical_Reviews.


…Ozzy > the pope


@Robert that S&W performance center revolver is uber cool ,what exactly is it?




RE: Vatican Owns Everything

So glad we don’t live back when they declared they own everything.

So, if I decide to declare I own such and such, that automatically makes it mine? Hmm, I really don’t think so!

I hope no one alive today believes such nonsense.





True. People live in the perception of reality, not reality per se.

I have heard in times past about the cruelty exhibited by the ‘discoverers’ of America towards the natives. Really shameful.

Still, I seriously doubt that anyone today believes the Catholic Church owns everything, or even close to that.


Hmm… :thinking: So heaven has a prison camp? Probably better conditions than hell. Maybe I have less to worry about.



I am not sure how Peter’s authority given to him by God (?) translates to authority of the Catholic church, but like I was trying to say, no one alive today could/would try to cash in on such a statement. It would be a very unhealthy thing for any power to try to go around and take whatever they wanted from whomever they wanted, whenever they wanted.


And, isn’t this thread about revolvers?

We should really move this discussion to a new thread if you want to continue it.



I’m actually surprised this is a conversation at all. This started with the article about the Papal Bull (clearly a truncated title. Should be Papal Bull💩) Published in 1302. My iPhone calendar doesn’t go back that far.
Furthermore just making some declaration doesn’t make it so.

BTW I personally own all the sea shells in the world. I keep them on all the beaches of the world. Sounds stupid don’t it? Same as any decree about the pope owning soles.


Looks like the .44 I modded in Fallout 4! :wink:


Let him try. :cowboy_hat_face: I don’t care about keyboard warriors aka “bullies”. They don’t phase me. :wink:

But yea, speaking of Fallout and revolvers someone should replicate a pipe revolver. Hah!


Lol that would be interesting, maybe one chambered in .500 magnum.


I’ll “settle” for something like .44 or 10mm.


Speaking of 10mm. There’s a Ruger GP100 chambered in 10mm I’m rather fond of…


Man that sounds like fun.


not all that sexy i suppose, but i’ve completely reworked the trigger and WOW.