Lets see your Sexy revolvers


…Nice revolver :+1:


jf89, 0311USMC:

Agreed. Very nice revolver.

Will you be acquiring any of the new GP100 7-shot revolvers?

Finally, Ruger is directly competing with S&W (686+) in their .357 mag revolvers.




So, sergetoll - just how accurate is that fine Colt revolver?

I have heard many good things about them, but have never been willing to pay that much to buy one. I try to keep my purchases under $1,000 each, which I suspect, your Colt costs more than that.


it is all personal… MHIO Colt is a great “Hollywood Macho” revolver. extremely well done. However, I prefer SW as a shooter.


Here’s my “rib sticker” :slightly_smiling_face:



nice !

Is that an SP101 with some nice customs? I especially like the bobbed hammer - hope you got the trigger pull fixed (reduced the trigger pull some). I really like SP101’s, but in DA, they are hard for me to shoot with factory trigger.


Thanks fellas. Gemini Customs did the work.The springs are Wolfs and the grip is from Herrett’s out of ID (Pachmyer’s at moment) When carried appendex, its in a Garrett’s holster along with a “JOX” loader pouch.



By far my favorite revolver, I have it on me every day.


How many people notice it’s a real wheelgun out in public? Or do most people think it’s just a cool buckle?


I’ve had secrete service look and say that would make a cool gun if it were real. I told them it is real. Smallest revolver on the market. Shoots a .22 short.


just in… SW mod 60 (no dash)

new EDC
after face-lift


some kind of reverse wad cutter, wtf?



If I recall that is a Hydroshock? Or something like that.
Been a while.


Old… but still sexy.


Now that I like @58marine!!


I’m going to pick a 1896 black power cartridge wheel gun! The Iver Johnson safety pistol!

The advertising was second to none in this day. Just see how much fun the little girl is having! Good thing it has Iver Johnson’s safety design!


soon to be mine two poor little orphans