Lets see your Sexy revolvers


686 model 10 617 629


just got mine…
586 no dash on Gun Show



A good revolver is on my todo list. I’d really love to get into revolver shooting just for fun. Be a Jerry Michulek wannabe.

Someday I’ll get one… eventually… I’ve considered trying out the revolver USPSA division.


My 686-1. I love the old S&W wheel guns from the early 1980’s and older.


Same here. I have a S&W JM 625 revolver and I love it. It was sent to S&W Performance Center for a custom trigger job and it’s super smooth (factory trigger was disappointing). The work was done by one of their top gunsmiths, who has since retired. I got lucky. I’ve used the gun for speed steel matches and it’s crazy fun. Wheel guns are very addicting. Once you own a revolver with a buttery smooth trigger, you’ll be hooked for life…but don’t tell the wife. :wink:

I’m a poet and didn’t know it. Ha!





That armorers certificate…whats the course like for earning that one?


Some things just can’t be taught.


My wife’s .38 special



Love the 500


That picture of yours looks like what a guy at the range did to his.
He was standing right next to me when his gun blew up, too.
Parts of it went through the roof.
He must have gone to the same armory school.


When a customer does it twice to the same type of gun I sold him, I had to keep it to remind some people that they need to recognize limitations.


I love me some revolvers


One of these is not like the others.


It ain’t small, it’s FUN SIZE!

Gotta love stag.


Only have one but it’s a good one
Smith and Wesson performance center 460
It’s a great gun but hurts like shit if you shoot it too much image


But it’s a good hurt