Lets talk old school gun books and gun rags


From Jeff Cooper, Elmer Keith, Charles Askins, Bill Jordan,etc. Im in the mood for more reading and im just finishing up “No Second Place Winner” and starting “Hell I was there”. I will do a review in a bit but im curious what books you guys would recomend reading? And possinly add a brief review of it if you could or even post a link to a good review if you want. I feel my generation and the newer generations are missing out by not reading some of these gems from yester year, except Askins he’s too racist and might traumatize the newer more liberal gun owners. lol



You may want to check out anything written by Massad Ayoob. He is definitely one of my top favorites.

Here are some websites that can help:

Good luck!


Unintended consequences, John Ross.
Nineteen eighty-four, George Orwell.
The unseen hand, Ralph Epperson.
Witness, Whittaker Chambers
I’m no hero, Charlie Plumb.
Sun tzu’s Art of War, General Tao Hanzhang.
Just War, Tom Newman.
Power divided is power checked, Jason Lewis.
Six guns, Keith.
Marine sniper, Charles Henderson.
War through the ages, Lynn Montross.
The federalist papers, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Jay.


You ever read Jim Cirillo’s stuff, is it any good?


No I haven’t, but I can look into it.


Looks like he is right up my alley.


Anything out there similar to Coopers stuff? I like how he implemented stories and lessons he’s learned along the way in the book along with the ‘how to’ stuff.


Well marine sniper is all about Carlos Hathcock’s life in Vietnam Being one of our best snipers and his story’s

I’m no hero is about a POW story’s

Just War is about Tom Newman’s story’s about Vietnam.

Civilian warriors, by Erik Prince is about the company Blackwater and the story’s they had.

I don’t have a good reference for police story’s. I do like Jim cooper and have principles of personal defense and I think it should be required reading before you carry a firearm.


These are some of my subscriptions they contain many old school articles plus all the modern new stuff. I really enjoyed each and every one of them, great idea for a thread.