Let's talk Tokarev

OK, I know…it’s a Tokarev, but…

I have an issue with slide lock before the Magazine is empty. My Tok is a TTC frame and Russian slide. Also, the magazines don’t drop freely. Any ideas on what that could be?

Also…the thing is sighted in at like 20 meters or something. Are there any replacement back sights out there that can correct that, or do I have to live with it, or get the file?

I am determined to get it working, it’s kind of a project piece.

Hl punty. Can you please explain in steps what happens? It sounds like the slide locks back during shooting. How many rounds are left. With the info provided I can only guess that the slide release spring is broken or weak, during recoil the “ loose” slide release is engaging the slide. Any more info and we can figure it out.

my guess and after looking at the the pile of toks it’s shooter induced…

Probably two separate issues.

  1. Slide lock before empty
    Can happen if bullets touch the slide stop head. You would see copper marks on the slide stop head.

Most likely cause is the loose slide stop retainer clip. The clip serves also as the spring that keeps the slide stop level until the mag follower raises it. It should fit tightly into the notches on the slide stop pin.

  1. Magazine doesnt drop free.
    If caused by bent trigger bow you could see the trigger bow protruding ever so slightly into the magwell. Usually you would also feel the issue when trigger resets (it would be sluggish).

If caused by the magazine catch it may be loaded with dirt, not allowing the catch to come out enough to clear the magazine.


or what Mosin said

but still going with shooter induced