Lever/Pump gun thread!


Marlin 336 FULL30-30 with marlin see through rings.TRUGLO fiber optic front and rear sights. Complete action tuning @WWG, trigger happy kit @4 pound pull.
My favorite :boar::deer:rifle!

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I’ll bite. Marlin 45-70 Guide Gun. Stock except for the optics of course. Used to be my Dad’s bear rifle. I won’t change a darn thing.


That is a beautiful rifle what production year?


Thanks! It’s from before Marlin’s ‘quality control’ issues.


One more. Packing up today. Here’s a ‘97 pump, non-takedown. The finish is all but gone but it’s a hoot to slam fire.



Mine is one of the of the so called remlins.
I got a good one, mine was perfect no defects perfect stock fit, nice wood. The rifle was put together very well!
I know what you mean Marlin put out a bunch of crap rifles that’s for sure!


One of my very first rifles, a 1974 Marlin 336 30-30. Hopefully I’ll be around long enough to hand it over to one of my grandchildren someday.


nice pictures! I am a big lever gun fan, too, though I don’t have any pictures to share.


1995 Remington 12g 870 Express Magnum Pump w/ Deer Rifle Barrel. Another one that will get passed along.


A lot of good looking Marlins out. @SAK I’m glad you got a good one! I saw some videos about their QC slips that really turned me off of even considering a new production model.



I guess I have been lucky with Marlins. Have the 1895 in full size and in guide gun, both in .45-70. Also, the 336 SS in .30-30. All 3 are great! Have had them for 8 to 10 years (each rifle, different length of time). Never any problems.


It isn’t a lever or a pump, but it’s one of my favorites, my 1990 12g P. BERETTA A390 Semi Auto Trap Gun w/ 28" barrel. Currently setup for coyote hunting and again, it will stick within the family.


Ah, you have the full size 1895 in 45-70… one of my wants! I’m glad to hear all yours are good to go. I don’t like having something bad to say about a company unless it’s warranted. I would much rather see them put out quality products like you got!


I had this 30-30, I so regret selling it.



I have had more guns that I am sorry I sold than I have guns now. Sometimes, it is hard to see how you will feel in the future about guns you sell, or even thinking about selling, now.

As mentioned in another topic in Full30, I am thinking about selling my hi-cap handguns. I really enjoy those guns - not because of their capacity, but because they are fun to shoot and would be great to have for defensive purposes (some also good for hunting backups). But, the current anti-gun sentiment overwhelming our country is scaring me and I just don’t want to be the guy that held on too long only to have to give them up with nothing in return when the police (or whoever in law enforcement) come knocking on my door demanding them. So, it is / will be a judgement call - and not an easy one at that.

Best of luck to you in your gun buying and selling decisions. It is always tough looking back.


I’ve sold many I wish I hadn’t. Medical bills needed to be paid. Ended up selling about 2/3 of my firearms. Slowly building my collection back up.


How about shotguns in three different actions? Bolt, pump, semi-auto?

J.C Higgins 20ga bolt action (1949)
Remington 1100 featherlight 20ga semi-auto (198X)
Ithaca model 37 ultra featherlight 20ga pump (197X)

Cannot remember the years on the other two.


Savage model 99 in .308

Winchester model 1894 saddle ring Carbine in 30-30.



Sorry, my fault. Love the thread - let’s continue!


I’m digging that Winchester model 1894. I need to find someone locally who has one because I’d love to shoot one.