LeverAction Ongoing Postal Match


Howdy fellas. If you are interested in this type of thing, check it out here:
This has been started over on the castboolets forum but is open to everyone. There are quite a few categories that should satisfy each shooter.

The categories are split based on bullet trajectory out to 300 yards, even if your scope is zeroed in at 50 yards.

All trajectory categories are based on Winchester Super-X Deer Hunting Ammo with JSP type and heaviest bullet when available…you can use your handloads…this is just a guideline for your general bullet weight…lets be flexible at first

Here is an example:

30-30 Winchester Model 94. Scope will be zeroed in a 50 yards, your category is:


30-30 = Cartridge
scope = scope used
50 = 50 yard zero (adjusting elevation for a different range puts you in a different category)
30"-40" = bullet trajectory out to 300 yards with scope dialed in at 50 yards.


30-30 = Cartridge
Peep-Receiver = Peep sight mounted to receiver
21"-30" = Trajectory from 0-300 yards is in the range of +.90" from 0-50 yards and -27" from 51-300 yards

This can put several people with the same cartridge in several different categories based on the trajectory in that category. based on several factors.


Simply reply here with details and I can add you to the list. Try to include your details to fill in the blanks on the roster

Here is what we have so far
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ … sp=sharing


So its called postal as its “mail in” vs group competition?


Actually yes but we ain’t mailing nothing to no one…LOL! Nothing is mailed in any more but report to the main office, whoever it may be, and added to the roster…for a lack of a better explanation.

Shoot at your home/local range and report the results.


Sounds cool, a bit late in the year for us folks up north to begun


Thats okay, I’ll save a space for ya!!!


Sounds fun. Two heirloom lever Marlins have moved on, a 39 and 336 (30-30) to a son and a brother. leaving only the M88 308 that won’t pass to the youngest son until I have moved on myself.

If I read the instructions/rules/data sheet correctly the loads are to be the heaviest Win Power X for caliber/cartridge/class. Is that because it’s 100 years old this year?

I would have to go through the past Geo-caches to find some. But I have some 180 grain Super X out there somewhere…

I get that the zero is 200 yards for the M88. Scope is a Tip-Off Weaver so I could use the irons, but rather not. Need more info on how it works I ain’t tracking with the subcategories for the scoped class.

Do you have a link over on Castboolits? I used to be member.


No, I used the data for the heaviest bullet to make up the categories


For scoped rifles, you can zero in at any range you desire. Lets take the first example of 25 yards.

Your Category would be…

Scoped/50 yard zero/30-40

…if you have a scoped rifle chambered for either 308, 348 or 30-30 and zeroed in at 50 yards.

There are (as listed for now) three rifles that have the same basic trajectory of between 30 and 40 inches if shot out to 300 yards.

If you shoot closer than 50 yards or out to any range past 50 yards, you have to use “elevation corrections” without adjusting the scope. IF you hit the target, we get to see the results :wink:

Actually I changed the names again…lol…trying to improve it as we go.

Category - Scope
Class - 50 Yards Zero
Sub-class - 30"-40" trajectory (if you choose to shoot at other ranges using elevation without adjusting scope)…THAT is the real competition.

Rifles included in that sub-class are the 308, 348, 30-30 and 32 Win Spl. Then you guys can fight over which cartridge is best with that set-up!!!