Lewis Machine and Tool Defense Dealer!


It is official as of this morning… we are Lewis Machine and Tool Defense dealers… this means all their launchers, piston drive and DI rifles plus parts are at our disposal. As you can probably guess… there is a 40mm in my near future. But the 37mm is available too!!! And… there are cool round that are available for the 37mm now.


Nice I love all their stuff. My first sbr is an lmt


I really wanted a 40mm… so I called them and was asking about their 37 and if I could convert it later… nope! But they came up with a better IDEA… and let me say… RAD bwwwahahahahhaah


I will be ordering a 40mm grenade launcher as soon as I return from my trip west. Hahahhaa and a bunch of parts. Their select fire trigger groups are cheap!