Liberal Gun Owners’ Dilemma

Interesting article discussing the dilemma liberal gun owners face in today’s political climate:


I seen that earlier, Yahoo is about as liberal as they come most times. I thought she better not be too liberal cause if one of those demonrats wins she will lose her gun rights. that would be the first thing on their agenda.


I enjoy taking non-gunners and anti-gunners to the range.
The last one was a woman from Florida.
A friend of my co-worker.
I had just returned from a pheasant hunt and meet them in a remote parking lot where we switch to snowmobile transport.
I already knew she was anti gun since my co-worker had told me as much.

I pulled the Weatherby Orion out, still in it"s case, to set it in the tote sled behind my snowmobile.
She said; “That looks like a big gun in there”.
(Yes, the urge to reply in a sexualized way came to mind)
I unzipped the soft case and exposed the glorious Weatherby over under 12 gauge.
(Yes, the irony of my words is not lost on me)
I asked “Hey, you want to shoot this right now?”
Her eyes lit up.
I knew she was going to do it.
So I put 1 mild bird shot round into each chamber.
Selected the top barrel.
Helped her shoulder the shotgun.
And let her squeeze the trigger.

The surprise and joy in her eyes was a great thing to see.
She was shocked that such a large firearm would have so little recoil.
But she wanted to shoot it again.

She said it was the first “gun” she ever shot.
And that she liked it.
First time I ever handed a newby a shotgun rather than my Henry .22 lever action rifle.

Mission accomplished, I thought.
At least she enjoyed the ecperience.
Maybe become a gun owner herself someday.
No, I did not load the 00 buck or slugs I had avaliable.
Baby steps.


So Lara Smith just now figured out that the totalitarians, who she has supported for years are anti-freedom and anti-gun!??

What a MORON! She is part of why we are where we are today.


That is EXACTLY the way to approach that situation. You were a good ambassador, instead of a snarky d-bag.
Kudos to you, and thanks for doing it the way you did.


I am a d-bag sometimes.
I know it.
But try to be aware of what is at stake.
Is it personal honor?
Or community reputation.


Too many gun owners disregard the potential impact of their actions on the community at large.


^ 100% this


Like many liberals, Lara Smith considers herself a feminist, favors abortion rights and believes the nation’s immigration policies under the Trump administration have just been “vile.”

So she cant defend an unborn child, or her nations borders…

I have to wonder if feminism is really about equality…

Wheres the equality is claiming to own weapons for defense if you don’t defend the border or defenseless people?

I see something vile as well


This :arrow_up:


This is how dumb liberals are. Here’s a quote referring to Sanders and Warren

“They were both slower than others to develop and make public their proposals for gun control policies, and I believe the reason is that both of them are really not as anti-gun as they are forced to show publicly,” she said.

She thinks they are forced to be anti gun? Get out of here


We have individual rights not community rights. They were designed to be be based for the individual and our court system does just that. When the right is abused it’s strips the individual of the right not a whole community.

The problem with liberals is they put everyone into a category and don’t look at people like individuals.

They think all blacks should act like democrats because they’re black.

They think all women should have voted for hillary because they’re women

They think all gun owners pose a risk because they’re gun owners

They think babies have no life because they are too early in life to show individuality

They think society outweighs individuality plane and simple


Go to a gun control activist and tell them you want to keep your AR and don’t plan on killing anyone outside of self defense. They’ll tell you “I don’t care”

That’s because they don’t care about your individual right to be a law abiding gun owner.


You’re absolutely right- we have individual rights. The reality of the situation, however, is that anti-gunners will use the “bad” actions of one of us to taint the rest of us. They do it ALL THE TIME.
Is it “right”? No.
Is it “fair”? No.
Does it happen anyway? Every day.
Gun owners have to realize that we are in a war for public opinion, and we are at a HUGE disadvantage since the Legacy Media is firmly on the side of those who would restrict our rights. WE MUST keep in mind how the anti’s will use our individual actions against the gun owning community as a whole, whether we like it or not, whether it’s right or not, whether it’s fair or not, because that is the world in which we live.
Responsibilities go hand in hand with rights, and I believe that we have the responsibility to be a good ambassador for our fellow gun owners, so AT THE VERY LEAST we don’t give the anti-gunners ammunition to use against us.
Just my humble opinion- your mileage may vary.


That’s ok we can leave the crying to them