Liberals. Dont you just hate them?

Totally Ridiculous!!!
How Libz think is just amazing to me.
How can soooo many be sooo STUPID.


In addition to all the other idiocies, Liberals have also high jacked the very word they use to identify them selves.
The term Liberal in the classical definition would describe a Libertarian, an open and fair minded person, who values freedom.
You know like the guys who wrote the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.
Not exactly the kind of person we think of today as a Liberal, is it.


Liberals are such extremist, many overt socialists. They require First Amendment protection, yet wish to deny the same to anyone who disagrees. Liberty and the Constitution promotes fair discourse and those of varying beliefs, so what’s their reaction? Oh, they also demand to be protected physically with firearms from the less Left powers they tolerate, they have become anti-American.


I would change this to far leftist, doncha just hate em. Some liberals will still have a conversation and come to a compromise. The difference is these people are regular citizens, the politicians whom are liberals 95% of the them won’t. Perhaps the ultra polarization of today’s politics has made everyone left of center a bit mad? It would be an interesting research project.


I find it incredibly unpleasant to put myself into the lefts head, so I didn’t watch all of that, maybe 2/3rds. I was a nerd and unathletic. One would think I would be singled out for “attention” in dodgeball. I wasn’t and if a ball came in my direction it was all up to me. I was just one target among many. I enjoyed dodgeball and looked forward to it to get better. What a bunch of a–holes that they can’t even remove themselves from their published papers.

The morons quoted are only exposing their own mindsets. That’s why they can’t be trusted with firearms… they project themselves onto us. They need to be removed from society and not published as if they are some sort of “word from above”. They are mental defectives yet they have a public forum that gets quoted.


Liberty Doll is absolutely NOT a Liberal.
I hope nobody takes it that way.
The video she made shows just how stupid they can be.
She points out the udder stupidity of their comments and theory’s.
Sarcasm and Intelligence is Liberty Doll; A+++++

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