Liberty dies with thunderous applause

This topic has been discussed elsewhere but we need to again push for people to write and act.
Make sure others know how we’re getting sold out by our own team. The anti gun Dems are the obvious threat. But many of the R’s are as well.

Make sure even your less gun loving friends know that this is about much more than guns.


Well, Sen. Braun of Indiana needs some letters sent to him. He’s on his summer tour around the state to apparently listen to the concerns of Hoosiers.


More proof the republicans won’t save us. They are the other side of the same coin. They only care about votes and emotions. Period.

Again for those who doubt me just wait, you’ll find out how much they won’t save us when trump wins and the republicans gain control of the house back and keep the senate. The watch as they DO NOTHING to protect the constitution—only allow it to be chipped away again. Just like they all did in the first 2 years of trumps presidency.