Liberty Doll on the Democrap Debate Round TWO

She was going to post this up but I think she may be a little shy…
So I will do it for her!!!

I swear I don’t know how these Democraps keep from poking their eye out with a fork when they eat.


I love her position but if she is shy to show it those she may disagree with how good is her opinions


Did you notice Kamala Harris called Biden “President Biden”? (at 32:00 mark) ha ha ha :rofl: She needs to start working for his campaign.

One a seperate note, does automatically EXCLUDE all white men? Just curious.


LD is Awesome!!!
She does her research and adds that Just Right amount of Sarcasm.
And think it is great that she points out the BS these people try to feed the masses.


She does a good job


At least during this debate we didn’t need to translate from Spanish to English.
That’s about all I can say about it…
Sooo many lies and sooo much stupidity flows from these people.
Fox News (the closest thing we have to conservative mainstream media) should hire LD as a newscaster.
Or invite her to the Round-table discussions they have on FoxNews Sunday.
Would love to see her rip the liberals a new one when they spout the diatribe they have been programed to say.



Wow! That is a great idea to have Liberty Doll on Fox News! That would be a win-win for everyone! (except for maybe the democrap politicians and their blind sheeple followers).

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A guest on Tucker Carlsons show.

There is great piece by him (video) on Fox Now.

Search for
AR-15 under fire: 2020 Democrats target so-called ‘assault weapons’

or this link""
(Wont let me embed it here) Its a Fox Thing…

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