Light primer strikes?

Got a Tristar Cobra 12 ga, Got it cheap & I know I should have gotten a Mossberg or Remington but this was there & I really liked the look of it. Also it’s a National Wild Turkey Foundation banquet shotgun.
Well enough of that, I have been getting light primer strikes, I have cleaned the heck out of it but still seem to get those light primer strikes.
I have looked everywhere online for a new firing pin spring & no one seems to carry any that might be extra power to stop this issue. I have contacted Tristar but there customer service is kinda lacking. Get what you pay for, oh well. I am just wondering if anyone out there might know anything about these Tristar shotguns & might know where to purchase some parts besides the manufacture. Thanks for the replies.

Brownells would be the first place I would look

Did you grease or oil the firing fin/spring?

I did take the bolt just recently completely apart, Inside there was a bunch of oily gunk that I guess didn’t come out when I first cleaned it, or the several other times it was cleaned. I didn’t before though take down the bolt completely. Thanks for your reply & information.

Your welcome. Ive noticed over the years if you have grease or oil in the area the striker or firing pin sits. It actually slows down the striker or firing pin and creates light primer strikes.

So what I do is clean in there. Apply oil. Let it sit for an hour, so it can soak into the metal.(Metal has pours). Then wipe it out completely.

I do the same thing for the chamber.

Did you ever get this fixed? I have a Raptor 20 gauge for my son and it is doing the same thing. The movement of the firing pin felt gritty, so I stripped the bolt apart and cleaned it really well. Found some metal shavings where the firing pin is held in the bolt. The movement is definitely smoother, but when I took it out to shoot it it still has light primer strikes, although it did seem to happen a little less often. I’m waiting on a response from tristar, but was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem. What’s strange to me is that it does it with all brands of 2 3/4, but doesn’t seem to have a problem with 3 inch shells.