Lightest available .308 bolt action rifle

I’m looking for an ultra light bolt action rifle. It’d be cool if it took standard mags but it isn’t necessary. All I’m seeing is heavy beasts that are heavier than semi-auto .223s and on par with semi-auto .308s. So what’s out there? I’m not looking for something super long range btw, just something lightweight. Price obviously factors in so if you could suggest a wide range of priced firearms that’d be awesome. Thanks for your time.


You’re basically looking for a Winchester 70 Supergrade.


I have a Tikka T-3 Lite with the factory lightweight barrel and synthetic stock. It is stainless steel also. Mine is chambered in 7mm-08 so the recoil is very manageable. I don’t think of it as being “ultra light” but it is about as light as you will find in a medium length chambering. I believe it is around 6.5 pounds and with my scope and loaded mag it still weighs less than 9.5 pounds.

I believe they have an “MT” version of this that is about a half pound lighter because it has a shorter barrel. 20" vs 22.4". I never saw the reasoning in a shorter barrel in a “mountain” rifle since shots in that type of terrain are usually a longer ranges. But each to his own.


Savage Axis 2 XP .308
6.5 lbs with included scope:

But you’re going to feel it when you shoot it.


Kimber makes some very light rifles…along with several other manufacturers or you could go custom route…


Yep A great rifle for the price. Very happy with ours.
Oh it’s lightweight too
That’s why it kicks like a mule IMO
I sprung for a Snyder 10 rnd mag and a Bipod