Limits to the number of videos on the main screen by a given channel


Two thirds of the videos on the page are from a channel called “Tactical Shit”. Is there a limit to the number of videos a given channel can have on the main screen at a given time or is everyone just free to spam the site?


I’m sure they just got approved as a content creator. Many of us are waiting. As we’re approved you will likely see the same thing from other channels.


Funny, I just signed up for the forums specifically to find out how to block their content. I’d rather not even see it. Is there a way to put a channel on an “Ignore” list?


That’s something @TomFull30 might be able to answer.


Thank you for saying something. I felt the same way but was just going to wait for them to get all their stuff loaded and start moving down the list so I could see stuff more interesting. Because of the name and the thumbnail images I haven’t even clicked on any of them so I don’t know if they even have any useful information. But that’s just me :slight_smile:


Same here regarding Tactical Shit. Probably thought it was clever but I don’t think he’s a marketing genius. I did watch one video and (in my opinion) the name is half correct. The shit part that is. Maybe others are better or he knows his target audience better. But I ain’t in that audience.


Not wanting to listen to profanity laced content isn’t the same as being thin skinned. As for what we are expecting is a higher quality content on full30 which hasn’t been completely invaded by nonsense garbage content so far.

I know that opening full30 to all creators the invasion is going to happen, doesn’t mean I have to like it.


Why are you here if you are unimpressed with full30?


I think I’ll role my eyes and finish cleaning my guns. :roll_eyes::gun::gun:


Yikes! If it weren’t for the words you wrote I would have called a suicide hot line for you.


:joy: I would like to just post a laughing face but that’s not enough characters.


Its called being too sensitive, talk to @TomFull30 maybe can see about adding a rating system of some sort.