LInks- The Many Government Failures at Parkland, Florida High School

The Sun Sentinel out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida isn’t buying the Broward County BS. Here are two hard-hitting articles about the political failures that killed their high school students in Parkland, Florida.

They failed then.
Unprepared and Overwhelmed

“Two decades after Columbine and five years after Sandy Hook, educators and police still weren’t ready for Parkland.

“Failures by the Broward County Sheriff’s Office and school district cost children their lives at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.”

They are failing now.
What’s being done to stop another school shooting?

“Once he decided to shoot up a school, there wasn’t much to stop Nikolas Cruz.

“His threats were ignored, the campus was wide open, the school doors were unlocked and students had nowhere to hide.

“What has changed?”


I know what best practice looks like, and what Broward County did wasn’t close to it.

Here is another tragic story. Broward County government officials hired a PR firm before the recent elections. That paid off. Broward county voters looked the other way in November and re-elected the same public officials whose failure led to the death of these children.

In the face of that denial, some parents simply left the county or the state. You can’t fix stupid, but you don’t have to let stupid control your children’s lives. -RM


We went to home schooling this year as last year a teacher made a real stupid comment about “if” they had a gun …and I’d rather not repeat the last part


From my stand point, it is if “they” want another tragedy to take place. It fits their agenda. They have only a knee jerk reaction to anything.
I sort of remember just laughing at people like this 30 years ago… now they have taken over, passing laws that make no difference, spending money to fill their pockets, and life is same old same old for the rest of us.
To me, the entire system is crazy and it is if no one who really cares bothers any more to stop it. As if, if we let them just go off the deep end, it will reboot the system.
We have a huge pink elephant in the room and we are all just tired of fighting it for a place to sit down after a long day at work just trying to make it.
Yes… you can read into what I am saying…