List of LEO/MIL/VET/1st Responder Discounts

LEO/MIL/VET/1st Responder Discounts

Below are some of the discounts that have been found for firearm building of all types (Glock, Sig, 1911, AR, etc). The majority of these discounts are in the 5-10% range (Swampfox is 30%!), but every little bit helps. I will be adding to the list as I find new ones. If you have or find any that should be added to the list, post here or let me know and I will update the list. A couple of things about these discounts:

  • Don’t request or use any discounts here unless you qualify. Taking advantage of a discount not meant for you is shady (like stolen valor). Don’t be that guy.
  • If you have to request the discount, be courteous and thankful. Don’t go into it acting like you’re entitled to a discount. These companies are being nice enough to offer something to those that qualify, we don’t need them getting pissed off and rescinding the offers.

Polymer 80 ( send photo of qualifying ID for code

Midwest Gun Works

Strike Industries ( Please email with a copy of your credentials. Once submitted, a SI representative will reach out to you and assist in setting up your account. Thank You for your service.

Brownells follow instructions

Primary Arms fill out form

5D Tactical ( Request code via email

80% Arms Request code via CS form


Swampfox Optics

Stealth Arms “Just use “military” in all lowercase letters in the coupon code box at checkout.”

Joe Bob Outfitters

Scott Arms Request code via CS form

Hooper Gun Works Request code via CS form

Durkin Tactical (verify with at checkout)

Delta Team Tactical

Bear Creek Arsenal (verify with at checkout)

Staccato 2011

Caza Guns ( We offer discounts to our heroes and their families: Active Military, Veterans, Law Enforcement, Guard, and Reserves, any first responders, 3 letter agencies, 4 letter agencies, healthcare workers, members of our educational community! We thank you for your service and sacrifice, we appreciate you and would like to offer you a discount. Please reach out to our email with your issued ID and we’ll send you a customized coupon.

US Patriot Armory ( Request code via email

AB Prototype (Use code THANKYOU5 at checkout)

Tactical Machining “We do offer Law Enforcement and Military discounts if you send in a copy of your ID. You won’t see the discount upon checkout but you will need to give us a heads up and we’ll make an adjustment on our end.”

MDX Arms (mailto: Discounts AR15/9/10 only. Request code via email


Dead Foot Arms (mailto: Send copy of DD-214


Aim Surplus (mailto: Send copy of credentials

Overwatch Precision

Aero Precision

Timney Triggers

Dawson Precision We do offer a discount for law enforcement, ACTIVE -duty military or retirees over 20 years of service with ID. We just need you to login and set up an account at Then fax us or email us a copy of your L.E or Military Photo credentials and also the login email you used for the account setup on our website. We will also need your billing and shipping address for your account and phone # e-mailed to us with the I.D. It will take 48-72 hours to finalize and you will receive a confirmation email. If you order online before this confirmation reply, or you don’t send us your login info and billing and shipping address, the discount will not take effect. Discount will apply to Dawson items “ONLY’. Gun sales don’t receive a discount. Some vendor items may not have a discount applied when ordering.

Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions or concerns.
Fax Number: (254)793-0159
E mail:

Holosun Optics submit form requesting info and they will reply with a link to a google doc where you can fill in the info to apply. They will review and approve/deny in a few days.



You can register for an account here that is used at many other websites for digital verification of your credentials. There are also brands of all types that offer discounts to qualified individuals.

Similar to website, qualified individuals can register for an account and access a variety of manufacturers that offer discounts. You may have to complete a series of “exams” pertaining to certain vendors’ products to activate the discount. A lot of shooting related vendors on this website, especially optics (Zeiss, Leica, Meprolight, EOTech, Olight, Wheeler, etc.).


Great thread :+1:


Definitely don’t abuse these folks. Right now they need every penny with how tough it’s been to run a business and they STILL want to cut you a break out of the goodness of their proverbial hearts. These are the folks we need to give our business.
Thanks for putting this together Preyhunter.