Little known History

I did not want to derail another thread with this. But it is interesting and a part of our history few seem to know. Those clowns down in Mass get all the glory but this is where the first naval battle was fought. Before we bought our house here, I lived about a mile from the fort, it’s still there and you can just walk up to it. I had a friend who dragged scallops in the bay and once in a while he would pull up a cannonball in his dredge. The real kick-off was a bunch of redneck farmers from Maine, but history has let that fade away.
Battle of Machias - Wikipedia.
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This one argues it was the second naval battle but has a lot about the Fort, it is pretty cool. I could walk to it; it just sits on the side of the road and you can just go on up to it.


I’m not a slouch on US history but this is uber cool! Thanks @HighlandsPatriot !


And they don’t stop, just because the war was over

There was also a pirate that wanted to form his own country using Machis as his base but he was captured and killed. They don’t call them Maniacs for no reason.


Pretty cool stuff!