LIVE Roundtable discussion on how to unify the Gun Community. Starts at 8 EST


Don’t want to miss this one. LIVE Round-Table discussion with Ghost Tactical, CloverTac, Rob Pincus, Gun Websites, Kevin Dixie, Skip’s Tactical, Tony Simon, Ryan Flowers, and TacDaddy!





I’ll listen a bit


Good panel. presidents on now, watching on :infowars: :sunglasses:


Well I didn’t see this post soon enough. Sorry I missed it.
Is there a recording of this posted somewhere?


It is now displayed as recorded


Should have clicked first. Saw the 8:pm EST and panicked.


If they could unify those who believe in the 2nd Amendment as written, but if you include all those gun owners who agree with Infringements then it is a waste of time…


great being on this one, excellent panel and excellent conversation with a group of people willing to do the hard work that it takes to make a difference, make a change rather than continue to preach gloom and doom while actually attempting nothing of benefit to the protection of our rights. we all have to start someone and that somewhere is a conversation with all sides and within our own.