Live stream tonight



Now That was a good show!




Skipped though this some, had to pass all that AK talk :rofl::rofl::rofl:

And was shocked at that censorship that exists right in your own channel


and to hear you’re shadow banned,crazy

so with a moderator its diminished, but still exists

Infowars has been discussing this, including soft terms like mother/father being censored

clearly they are correct

edit, who was the caller that was upset how we tease you AK guys?

@Glockshooter79 ?

Let him know we also do that for the Glock owners too :glock: :grin:

Was good discussion on the forum :+1:


Glock owners more so because Glocks are just AKs but in pistol form




Lol that was glock. He was making light that there are few of us. And pointing out the need for #akinsurgency@full30. It won’t be long before we have to rename the forum ak30


Sounds like a challenge!!


What if someone is an AK and Glock guy. And pretty much all milsurps. …




might have just neutralized all the jokes :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Lol. Well…I’m not just an AK guy. I am into milsurps in general pretty good. Or bad, depending on how you look at it. lol But I do enjoy the AR 15 too. AKs are just so much more interesting. Therefore I support @ZEKESHOOTS AK insurgency. :sunglasses:


But what about an AK pistol in 9mm. A pistol caliber pistol? lol That takes Glock mags. :thinking:


Don’t give up so easily. He is trying to use Jedi mind tricks.


Doesn’t help milsurp brings to mind the Garand and I go all nostalgic :crazy_face: