Live tonight. 8:30 pm central

I will be going live tonight. The discussion will focus on gun laws and the current proposal for removing the right to build your own gun.
If you would like to join us, the chat starts at 8:30 and we will be going live shortly after.
If you would like to call in to the show, the number is (872) 256-4774
Link will be posted soon. See you guys there.


If you are not on a mobile device, you can use this link to join in the chat early. The neat thing about this link is. you can use this chat to have side discussions during other streams.
Save this link to come back to the chat whenever you want!

Live where?

I see this

and this

Create a channel to join the chat

if I try and comment, but IDK to comment on what… :confused:

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The link I shared before can be visited at any time. Some of my regulars use it as a chat box during other people streams.

The stream is now live, but I won’t be on until I can get the kids laid down. Should be around 8:30.
Hop in and join in the chat.


The link is redundant? The chat is on the feed it seems…

When it is live it is. It’s more for when the stream is over, you can keep talking so the stream doesn’t shut you off.

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I am going to make you a moderator so you can post some links if you would like. It will only be for this stream.

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I’m up early EST and logged off for now, another time I’ll sit through one, I’ll check this one out on a replay later, good turn out though :+1:

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Awesome, sorry to split tonight

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I just made you one, I will let it ride till the next one. Thanks for stopping in.