Loaded some rounds today

I don’t worry much about flat primers in a mag revolver. I have had a 2 things tie up a revolver, full blow 454 pulling bullets loaded without enough neck tension/ crimp to hold them in place, and high primers (before firing). And boy the primers in a revolver do not have to be visibly high to do it. rock a straight edge even a tiny bit they will tie up a well fitted revolver. After the round is fired primer will be flush with back of case whether they were high or low prior, case pushes back harder then the primer trying to escape. Even with mouse fart loads. More pressure on the butt end of the brass then gets through the flash hole. I suppose if you had a large-ish firing pin bore it might stick in there, I see semi auto pistol brass that form to the hole. I haven’t had it happen but possible. Also possible for the firing pin to stick into the primer, saw that in a Redhawk once.
My experience tells me if the ammo ties up the revolver it is reloading / manufacturing issue.


Love H110, and love any gun that uses H110! Whish there was an H-111!


Lol :point_up_2: :joy: :yep:
Me too … I guess aint got much to worry about then.
My gun was bought on Gunbroker from Reeds Family outdoor outfitters.
I got it in Dec of 21 I couldnt even find one for about 3 yrs. In .460 which I had the ultimate reason for that was 45colt and 454 also being able to fire through this revolver. I have had rehawk,raging bulls,and others and I have to say this is the tightest smoothest action on a revolver I have ever owned. Comparing the Taurus to the BFR was like comparing apples to Oranges. The Actio is sooo slick and lock up is firm and cylinder gap is extremely small. I dare say that may be the reason I feel like I may be getting higher pressures.
I dont have a feelers gauge but would guess .0002-.0003 cylinder gap. This revolver LOVES :heart: :heart_eyes: H110 and WW296.


Sorry Stan,
I thought the load reduction was for recoil. If you are showing signs of excessive pressure then I would look at dropping the charge a little. As long as accuracy, point of aim, and ballistics remain about the same. Good luck.


No problem @BillWaits