Loading Percussion Sixguns


Those sure are sexy pistols


Yes they are


Loading paper cartridges in way more functional than hand loading.
You use 777, not holy black or Pyrodex. The max load for Black is 40gr, for Pyrodex 35gr, and for 777 30gr.
More bang for you buck.

No one wanted the 36 cal except cops. The army wanted 44 cal, just like the 1849 Walker, only lighter.

A friend gave me a 1860 army. It still costs a C & 1/2 to tune it so its as close to flawless and possible.
Aint no caps, you have to make your own. Balls are costly, so we make our own. Ive been stocking black powder since one of our commie chairman outlawed powder and lead.

The shoot high because they have a 70 yard zero. I can hit the 100 yard target with a tighter group than the 50 yard target.
Cant change the front sight, fore losing the quick draw capability.
So we (V) into a notch the rear sight, which is cut into the hammer.

Making your own paper cartridges is the way to go. It takes about 20 minutes at the range to hand load these. About a minute with paper carts. Still takes hours to make 50 or 100 of them.


@Quick_Draw_Mcgraw why dont you do a small write up and explain.


Since I owned the first one in the 70s, Ive never heard thee called percussion six guns.

Cap & Ball Revolvers

Only had a few minutes to type :slight_smile: