Locked Back is a website I run to give back to the firearms community that I’ve learned so much from. Over on Locked Back, I cover current 2nd Amendment topics, current events, provide tips on shooting technique, gun reviews, gun gear reviews, and there’s a little gun accessories store.

Social Media

While I am banned from YouTube, I am active on Facebook and Twitter and have a Full30 Channel! A follow on social media would really help me out.





2nd Amendment News & Activism

I try to stay up to date with what’s going on in the fight for our 2nd Amendment rights. In the 2a section of the site I have call to actions, general pro-2a articles trying to teach people why the 2nd Amendment is important, and similar topics.

Shooting Technique

The world of firearms is amazing. There’s so much depth and so many different styles, from USPSA shooting to precision rifle to 3 gun and more. I try to learn as much as I can about all of it and share what I learn. If I can brag for a moment, I’m getting pretty good.


While I’m a firm believer in technique over gear, gear is still an important component of the firearms world - it’s also pretty fun to play around with all the toys. I try to provide my own insight into the various products available and their applications.


Finally, I have a little online gun shop with AR-15 parts, optics, gun accessories, and the like. It’s not to the size as some of the big boys out there, but it exists. I’d appreciate it if people would consider buying from one of the small guys like me.

I’d really appreciate following Locked Back on social media and Full30. It would really help me out.


We need more people willing to step up and give back. Thanks for doing what you do. I know all too well what’s involved. My health has gone to pot, but I still do all I can.

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Thanks! I figure it’s a good way to spend my time while I’m still young and have the energy. :slight_smile:


My picture is upside down? Oh crap!


Good stuff, I like it!!


Thanks! It gets difficult to find the time to keep up a steady stream of content, but I’ve been doing alright at posting something at least once a week…


Tell me about it. I don’t think the average person understands what’s involved in making content. For me at least, every minute of video comes to about one hour of work in the studio. Set up, filming, editing, fine tuning, adding graphics, etc. Yesterday I picked up a new Blue Yeti microphone, dang, I need a job just to pay for all this stuff.


Unfortunately, I’m still waiting on getting a Full30 account to upload my videos there since I’m banned from YouTube.

Hopefully someday I’ll be able to get my videos uploaded here!

Very much agree. Filming stuff at the range is even more work than filming at the studio!

I used to laugh at content creators when they say things like, “Oh, I forgot X today, so I won’t be able to test that.” I’d say to myself, “Why don’t they just go get it or film it another day?” Such an ignorant thing for me to think. Especially since most content creators, myself included, do this content creation stuff on the side. Right now the operating costs of Locked Back put me in the red while I’m trying to ramp up the eCommerce sales, let alone what I need for basic living. Hopefully someday I can focus full time on content creation and firearms education, but it is not this day.


The cost is insane. My health has made range videos much harder. So I do more studio time now. Lost my partner because he started a food truck, that’s great for him. Working alone is hard. Youtube deleted my channel a few months back, which sucked. Was making around $100 a month which covered a lot of the cost. That’s gone now. Rebuilding the channel is slow. Got my Full30 channel up, but I only want new content there exclusive to Full30, not the same videos I have other places. Got tens of thousands invested in the studio, computers, audio, lighting, software, it all ads up. Being disabled, this is what I do now.


My goodness yes it is. Gotta do everything, from marketing, to content creation, to accounting.

And thanks to these dang anti-gun laws, I even have to be my own legal expert and keep up with all 50 state’s laws to make sure I don’t ship products to the wrong state.

Not only is rebuilding slow, it’s very demoralizing. When you used to be getting X visibility, and now you’re getting substantially less visibility (and revenue)… it’s difficult to keep soldiering on.

Where else do you host videos?

I need to get uploading my videos onto other platforms… I tried Dailymotion and it was an utter waste of time.


UGEtube is a nice place. I’ve tried them all, most suck and or don’t pay creators.


Last time I tried UGEtube, I couldn’t successfully upload a video. Apparently it was an encoding thing. I’ve been meaning to retry it.

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YouTube stinks, It’s only a matter of time. If anyone wants to stay there they need to buy a spider man suit and those expanding water activated beads. Or push someone down stairs… That’s the content that site wants. Welcome to the dark side Brian.


It’s a long shot, but Prager’s lawsuit could have some interesting implications.


I’m hoping for a major class action lawsuit. Youtube can’t even follow their own rules, they change the rules in the middle of the game, they violated their agreement to share revenue with content creators. They targeted channels for harassment, they intentionally limited exposure, they make it impossible for small or entry level creators to get started by placing unrealistic limitations of becoming monitized. Gaining 1000+ subscribers is next to impossible unless you have good quality content, and to do that you need money for cameras, software and other equipment. So unless someone is willing to invest a lot in a channel that can be shut down with the click of a mouse, it’s not going to happen.

Youtube sticks, they cut their own throat by over selling a service and not having quality advertisers to cover their end of the bargain. This is why they set high limits on monitizing. Those who meet those requirements are then further limited by having videos demonitized at random with no notification. Or they suspend monitizing all together.

And finally, their payout when you get it is piss poor. I believe my CPM was around 80 cents. Here at Full30, my current CPM here is $12.97. Why is that you ask? Because Full30 is smart. They don’t have open to the public channels. And I would rather they keep it that way. Don’t need a million gaming channels with kids playing roblox and screaming. Because Full30 is firearms, outdoor life, hunting, they attract advertisers in that area. Advertisers get a better return on investment, content creators get a better return on their hard work, and Full30 grows. They have a great business plan, and I’m proud to be part of it.

We deserve to get a return on our work. This is why I refuse to upload anything to facebook. They advertise and keep it all. Keep up the great work Full30


I remember getting $1/ 1000 views. When they axed that, it nearly cut me in half. After that. they updated it to just a quarter, then this year they let me have it with those two strikes. now I can’t stop dropping subs. and my subscribers constantly have to re subscribe.


I lost as many as 200+ a day. No way I was going to make 10k, they saw to that. I miss making $100 a month, but I don’t miss the headaches.


Oh come on, now that your a mod, we give you way worse headaches than you had before!


I don’t mind these headaches. :smirk:


Saw your videos, keep up the good work @brianpurkiss