lol, collectively, so screwed

It’s no new thing I reach out to others in the firearms community in an attempt to network, the resistance is baffling, so much so I don’t really do it much anymore.

Early on I’d see the small online communities outright ban me for walking in and saying hello, I always made my presence obvious and intent to network equally so, the largest community (firearm) I ever attempted to do so with replied with a simple “we do don’t do that here”

These days I try to just establish more personal connections, same intent to network and work together for a common good, just hitting people up as they come across my radar.

Such was the case this week, no need to speak evil of the individual but they seem to be quite professional and literate, an individual that appears dedicated to firearms freedom, someone I could easily see wanting to work together for a common good, even their email signature/slogan was written in a polite manner to say get off your ass and do something

So how does an individual described like that respond to my outreach?


mind you, this was not an email campaign and I was offering an opportunity to expand their outreach on our collective domains.

Now, moving past that, to the title

Can anyone see the irony here, read the writing on the wall?

ChatGPT is now being integrated to online forums.

Its really a double irony, as a human I’m not easily accepted into new communities

But AI… come on in buddy

and the demons all threw threw their heads back and laughed

Even the coding community has held back



I think your assessment is correct. It seemed to me people used to look for mutually beneficial partnerships where each could gain something but now it is just as important to avoid risk/social liability in partnerships. This could be way off base in what you are talking about with the limited information I have about your situation but mine is more of a general observation. Also most of us have heard the share the land argument from guy who only wants YOUR land but won’t share his.