Lonewolf vs. Small community or group?

For those of you that prep, which would probably apply to you if and or when SHTF? Why?

  • Lonewolf - just you and your family
  • Small group- you and a couple of your buddies and their families.
  • Small community- small town sized community

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Hmmmm, Lonewolf vs. Small community, I’d bet on Me!..:joy::rofl::smiley::smile::sweat_smile::laughing::wink:


This is a tough one. Looking at it from all angles there are too many variables for me to consider to concretely give an answer. Here are a few that come to mind.

  • Where are you when the SHTF?
  • What were you able to take with you/keep?
  • Do you even have friends/people you trust nearby to even combine with on short notice?
  • Are you planning on turtle-ing in on a specific location?
  • If yes to the previous question do you need that extra firepower/manpower to hold it?
  • If you plan on roaming and not focusing in on a specific location wouldn’t a group slow you down?
  • Can you truly trust anyone else to protect your family?

If say I wanted to bug out to Alaska or western Canada then I’d likely be more inclined to keep a small group with us. If we weren’t able to make it there or to somewhere in the middle of nowhere then just the family.


I can understand the lone-wolf theory in the early stages, however I am for ‘more the merrier’ as survivors begin to emerge from the initial event.

As an American and humanitarian, I believe I would help as many fellow Americans as possible. I also believe in ‘strength by numbers’. I would seek to start a community at some point if others haven’t already.

I also believe it may depend on the type of event as well. If I truly have a real understanding on what’s going on.


I’ll break bread with you, you got beer?


I can dig it. I am a humanitarian but always family first. The situation I believe would dictate the outcome here. Lonewolf would be a good way to start as you mention but may not be sustainable especially if you and your kin find a settling down place. You’ll need more than your family being armed to defend it most likely.

I find this subject fascinating.


Heres a good article on tribalism. The author is our type of people and probably my favorite writer for political and firearm stuff.


Also heres a book “The Patriot Fireteam” its $25 but good stuff. It goes over setting up a small team of prepared citizens.

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Another good one.

“Faith and the Patriot: A Belief Worth Fighting For”- Paul Markel

Amazon.com: Faith and the Patriot: A Belief Worth Fighting For (9781512198676): Markel, Paul G: Books

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“Examining the Armed Citizen: the Historic Struggle Between Man and the State for the Control of Small Arms”- Paul Markel

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