Lonewolf's Kryptonite!


Cream horns, French Twirls whatever you want to call them, are my biggest weakness and reason why I have to stay exercising LOL


Ya, mine too.


I have never tried one, seems like I’m missing out.


My Southern belle said she could make these homemade, but I say nay nay! I’d be 500 freaking pounds by Christmas!


Don’t do it! It would be easier to kick heroin than these!


I know that comment shouldn’t but now I have to find out how those twirls really are. :smirk:


Its a trap, he owns a frosty cream supply chain :japanese_ogre:


You are killing me!!! Getting old sucks when you develop a gluten intolerance.

I always said that if they took dairy and bread away from me I would die… well they took one away about 8 years ago. Wonder when they will take the other away from me.


Never ever put anything cream filled in your mouth!


Bastard! You had to go there! if your comment prohibits me from ever eating another cream horn again, i will hunt you down wherever you live however long it takes…:joy::rofl::smiley::smile::sweat_smile: @Jtr


My work here is done .


Try not to let Jtr’s comment enter your mind, especially when the tasty goodness it right at the tip of your tongue :tongue: lol


Except Twinkies.



One of my favorite too


Those are addictive! And why I stay away from the bakery!


I try to stay away, something with the earth’s gravitational pull seems to force me towards the bakery…


I have cake doughnut pieces flying as I read/type this, plain, nothing but chocolate milk to chase down


I finally tried them, they are pretty good. :+1:


They can be addictive, too many & body armor won’t fit anymore :joy::rofl:


I also love a good burger! My southern belle (tried to kill me with this one) a 2 1/2# burger w/cheese, pepper jack & colby jack. Lettuce, thick sliced tomatoes, 4 slices thick cut bacon & mayo on 2 whole slabs of grilled pita bread! I need my arteries degreased now!