Long gun picture thread 2.0


Love the picture!


Had my boss pick up this new Radical Firearms AR 15 today (Stafford Texas) 5.56 16in barrel. Nice , solid gun for $500! Brought it home to properly clean & mount reflex site on it for him. Probably hit the range with it tomorrow to torture it a little :japanese_ogre:



Let me know how it runs… an interesting company.


for company.



But does it have a bottle opener?! :smile:


This is “Vlad,” and bump-firing is his specialty. What beautiful music he makes!


No, but it can hit at 200 in the dark



Sure. At 200 in the dark . . . without a brewski. :frowning_face:
Seriously, looks good! :+1:

(I use a DBAL-A3, also.)