Long gun picture thread 2.0


Very nice rifle. Gotta love roller locks.


CETME Sporter.


My Remington 783 in 308 out of the Box…

Long Gun Build 600-1000m goal


Well in packing I finally cased up my safe queen for the move. This was my Dad’s and now I keep it until I can pass it on to my son.

Is it a long gun? Is it a shotgun? It’s both! It’s a Fluss, Stahl, and Krupp shotgun/rifle combo. I figured I’d share it as it rarely gets pulled out and shown to anyone.

My wife and I decided to build our next house and she is all about me having a room with a safe door. Hopefully it comes to fruition and I can display this beauty in style. I think it deserves it.


Very cool! I like the external hammers and you don’t often see an old original scope like that. I have a Drilling that my Dad had in his collection. We spent two tours in West Germany with the USAF.


Something a little different. Built by Ed Lapour. Defiance Machine Rebel XM action in 6.5 284 Norma with a #5 Krieger fluted barrel, Leupold LRT scope, with a McMillan stock. I have shot this rifle out to 1200 yards.The action has a 20 moa rail. Scope has a tactical milling reticle.


Thank you @mlj56 and +1 for the USAF!


My latest find… an Egyptian Hakim. Just got it today for a decent price I think.


Nice! I’ve got $400 to burn and I’m ha omg a hard time picking what I want.

How’s that Hakim shoot?


I haven’t shot it yet. I got it for $350 at a law enforcement supply store. They had just got it in and didn’t know anything about it.


Why cannot I have that kind of luck?


In 8mm right?I think I saw that some were made in 30-06?


Yes this one is in 8mm. I’m not sure about 30-06. I don’t know much about them but it’s time to learn.


My bad I was thinking of the fn49 which the Hakim is a copy of . The fn49 was made in .308 and7mm.


I believe you are correct sir. It’s also a licensed copy of the Swedish Ag/m42. The surplus of 8mm after the war had a big effect on that choice I think.


The FN 49 was only produced in 7mm, 30.06 and 8mm in large quantities. The 308 guns were rebarreled by Argentina thenselves.

The Hakim is a Ljungman AG/42 copy in 8mm where as the Ljungman was in 6.5mm. There was a version, made by Egypt, that was loosely based on the Hakim and in 7.62X39 called the Rashid.


What’s with all these short long guns? Lets see some true long guns with balls. :joy:

Mine’s nearly 5 feet long and can reach out a mile.


@Mongo Knows his stuff!


Hey now. A semi auto 10lb rifle chambered in 8mm Mauser has balls. They’re just old and grey.


KNIGHT .50 cal Black Powder Muzzleloader