Long gun picture thread 2.0


KNIGHT .50 cal Black Powder Muzzleloader


Here’s the Hakim’s action. M1 thumb has nothing on this. Just ask my father in law!




Just completed the work on my 23 year old deer rifle shotgun. Now she’s good for another 20 plus years!

1995 12g 3" chamber Remington 870 Express Magnum Pump w/ a 22.5" Rifling Barrel & a Bone Collectors Edition 3x9x40 Duplex Rifle Scope.

Last week I duracoated the action, pump & barrel. This week I refinished all the wood.



Product used to strip the old finish and gun oil that works really well.

Dura coat
Squires Bingham .22

Nice shotgun, those older Remmys are real keepers unlike their current crap.


Sharps 45-110! Ever see Quigley down under?

If your interested In The distance it was around 650 yards.


Good movie and an awesome rifle!


born yesterday and never been burped yet

No creokote


Nice Nice work! I’ll have to give that a try this winter on my Ithaca 37.


Oh you’re a fellow Ithaca model 37 owner? Do tell…with pictures. :cowboy_hat_face:

Mines an ultra featherlight with a Sid Bell grip cap on the bottom of the stock. Smoothest action I’ve ever experienced. I can run the pump with 1 finger it’s so smooth.

Mines on the bottom.


@ Mister_Torgue yup it’s a feather as well, when I was younger I packed that thing a lot of miles I couldn’t afford a pistol back then.



my old Ithaca Model 37 featherlight looked a lot like yours.

brings back fond memories (yeah, dummy here, I sold mine years ago).


Bullpup stock installed for my Hi-Point 995TS PCC. Mixed opinions so far but I’ll let the range use do the talking. I just need a red dot for it now or at the least some irons.


Nice! Can’t wait to hear how range performance goes. Keep us updated


Picked this up last week. Still getting it sorted out. It’s from PWS chambered in 7.62. Great bunch of guys over there.


Nice piece!


Here’s a Browning A-Bolt that needs a scope.

(picture removed)


Now this is a grip that fits on any platform.

made by www.forcexdesign.com


That thing looks awesome. What’s something like that run?


Also took a better shot of the 9mm carbine bullpup outside. Cannot wait to take it to the range after I find a decent sight.


Thanks fellas. It came in at just under 1400 and they threw in one of their enhanced carbine buffer tubes for the SB tactical pistol brace I put on it. Then of course some “swag” which included a hat,sticker and an M16 looking bottle opener. Although it did ship in a hard case, it’s a bit narrow for any kind of mounted optics.