Long gun picture thread 2.0


@Mongo Knows his stuff!


Hey now. A semi auto 10lb rifle chambered in 8mm Mauser has balls. They’re just old and grey.


KNIGHT .50 cal Black Powder Muzzleloader


Here’s the Hakim’s action. M1 thumb has nothing on this. Just ask my father in law!




Just completed the work on my 23 year old deer rifle shotgun. Now she’s good for another 20 plus years!

1995 12g 3" chamber Remington 870 Express Magnum Pump w/ a 22.5" Rifling Barrel & a Bone Collectors Edition 3x9x40 Duplex Rifle Scope.

Last week I duracoated the action, pump & barrel. This week I refinished all the wood.



Product used to strip the old finish and gun oil that works really well.


Nice shotgun, those older Remmys are real keepers unlike their current crap.