Long gun picture thread 2.0



He’ll of a set up there! You got some nice toys.


What is that rifle at the top?


He signed off for the evening. Top rifle w/ the folding stock is a sig. @jf89 5.56 I think


Detonics and Steyr,


The whole case is Sig from 556, 45, 40, 357 Sig, 9mm, and 22lr


OMG. Gold Tiger Stripe. That’s also awesome!





Could you give us more info on these AKs? They look pretty badass.


Arsenal SAM7 SF (bayonet, Magpul Multi Mission sling, Olight M1X Striker, RS BM-1 barrel mount and light rail, XS tritium stripe front sight, Krebs Custom rear ghost sight, RS Regulate AK-301 side mount with AKML Aimpoint Micro top mount, Aimpoint Micro H2 red dot, Khyber Customs “cheese grater” upper hand guard, RAM enhanced speed catch magazine release, Solar Tactical extended safety selector tab, Circle 10 charging handle extension, RS BM-1 barrel mount for Steiner DBAL-A3, RATS tourniquet,spare CR123 and 2032 batteries)

Molot Vepr-12 shotgun w left-folding stock (small “monster claw” muzzle brake and lock nut, Magpul Multi Mission sling, Olight M1X Striker, barrel light mount, Fusion/LPA BAR ghost ring sight, Kensight Trijicon front sight, Vortex Venom red dot sight w mount, Ironwood Designs birch laminate handguard, JT Engineering extended magazine release, Solar Tactical extended safety selector tab, Circle 10 charging handle extension, enhanced bolt hold open release, flared magwell)

And, since I was just cleaning it this morning:


If anyone interested, here are my recommended mods for the two other guns:

PTR 91 (A3 retractable stock, carry handle, Eickhorn KCB-70 bayonet, Trijicon TA45 Compact ACOG, enhanced trigger pack and flat-face trigger, extended selector lever, extended cocking handle, skeletonized 50-round drum magazine, Magpul MS3 sling)

Colt LE6920MPS-B M-4 (Magpul MOE SL handguard, Vltor EMOD stock, J P Enterprises full mass bolt carrier group, LAW Tactical G Gen 3 folding stock adapter, MOE vertical grip with Gerber Short Stack multitool inside, MOE trigger guard, MBUS Gen 2 flip up rear sight, MOE Plus pistol grip, Pistol grip core with lube bottle, B.A.D. Lever extended bolt catch, QD sling mount, Paraclip sling mount, MS4 Gen 2 Multi-Mission sling, cantilever rail section and Magpul offset light mount, Olight M1X Striker, Aimpoint Pro red dot sight with rubber cover, killflash and clear front and back flip up cover, ALG Defense ACT trigger, OKC3S bayonet and bayonet barrel adapter, barrel mount for Steiner DBAL A3, Geissele Super 42 braided wire buffer spring and buffer, Radian Raptor ambi charging handle, extra batteries and Spare Parts Kit in stock [Front Pivot Pin, Takedown Pin, Extractor, Gas Rings, Firing Pin Retaining Pin, Selector Detent, Takedown Detents, Trigger Pin, Hammer Pin, Hammer Spring, Trigger Spring, Firing Pin, Extractor Pin, Gas Tube Roll Pin, Ejector Roll Pin, Rear Base Spring Pin, Trigger Guard Pin, Bolt Catch Release Pin, Buffer Retainer Spring, Selector Spring, Bolt Catch Spring, Detent Spring, Ejector Port Cover Spring, Front Sight Spring, Ejector Spring, Extractor Spring Assembly, Disconnector Spring, Detent Spring, Magazine Catch Spring])




Actually these AKs are triplets. (But, that didn’t keep me from adopting a WASR. :wink:)

Molot Vepr 1V 308Win (25 rd SGM magazines or CCSPECS 20rd mags, fishbone muzzle brake, “cheese grater” upper hand guard, wood RPK lower handguard, Arsenal RPK style pistol grip, XS tritium stripe front sight, Olight M1X Striker flashlight, barrel flashlight mount, Aimpoint Micro H2, Magpul MS3 Gen2 sling, RAM enhanced speed catch magazine release, Solar Tactical extended safety selector tab, Circle 10 charging handle extension)


If you can work any write-ups in the Gunsmithing
on any of your finishing skills would be great, awesome work.


This thread needs more walnut!!



Nice grain and checkering!


Thanks Prepper10