Long gun picture thread 2.0


Semper Fi brother!!


Beautiful rifles!

:ok_hand: Now what the heck are they?

Manufacture, chambered in what & optic?

Come-on man, spill the beans on’em…

Appreciate it, thanks! :+1:


Top rifle is a Winchester M70 with a 1-8 twist Shilen barrel chambered in 6.5-06 Leupold 4-14x40 VX2 CDS
Second rifle is a Kimber 84L chambered in 30-06 Leupold 3.5-10x40 VX3


Nice equipment, thank you for sharing!



Thank god for some sunshine. I need to build and stain a basic wood display thing for better pictures. edit Yes that chair is horrid as a background.


My son doing a little target practice with the armalite ar10. He’s become quite the shooter. Now if I can just get him into the fields with me!


It’s a start. I’ll post the after when it’s done.


The start of my next build. Might make a great video series!?


What does SAA in SAA Tactical represent? Not familiar with these lowers. I like it. Reminds me of those from Spikes. Love my Calico Jack from Spikes.

And yes you need to do a video series! A blog at the least. :slight_smile:


Surplus Arms and Ammo
I like all things skull and had to have it.
I also ordered a rifle from Spikes built on their Punisher lower. I really like Spikes Tactical


I have only seen pictures of them, do they work well, how would you rate them? @ARNWRKR


My SVT-40 after taking it out of the wrapper and wiping the cosmo off. In hindsight. it would have probably been worth more in the wrapping, but I wanted to shoot it.


Yes, and to be honest all of them are off my rifles now. During a run and gun something hit the lever and locked back the bolt in the middle of a magazine. For me it’s one more thing that can go wrong in my opinion.


I have one now cuz of Ca assault weapon laws. To avoid registration I had to go with a fixed mag option. I used a combo of a mag lock, quick pins and Bad lever.

So to on an empty mag you need to close the bolt (Bad lever) separate the upper and lower (via Quick pins) (mag will drop) then close the upper & lower, insert the new mag and rack.

California just wants to slow you down to the point you get shot.

But the bad lever works great in this situation


I love the svt 40. My brother breaks his out every now and now!


! You know your my new best friend right!


Link to my FN Mauser!


Family photo of my ar15 collection. It needs updating as a lot more suppressors have been added. The AR15 was an addiction for a few years haha


Awesome! Only time you can get a whole family together without someone shooting their mouth off lol