Long gun picture thread 2.0


Lol yeap and nobody passed out on the ground


Starting your own militia or what - geez


Hate to ask what your budget is for ammo :laughing:

I just have to say, you have more rifles than I do in a change of clothes for the entire week :rofl:

BTW, which one is your favorite if you don’t mind sharing the details?


You do know that you can swap out uppers on the same lower, right? Usually, you can move a suppressor or optic to a different gun, too! :wink: I think he IS starting a militia. If so, he should sign me up. :us:


Bah- hahahaha :rofl::laughing::joy:


Ammo can get ruff. Lol we try to do 22lr as much as possible and we blow thru bricks of it. We’ve had a few companies and Hansohn provide ammo for metering videos. Both have been a huge blessing and help but we go thru a lot per video. But it’s been fun


I’ve never been a fan of swapping uppers. At one point I wanted an ar15 lower manufactured from each state. Then I got into suppressors and just finished the ars I had to how I wanted them. Now I need other platforms and more cans


Yes, I know that “need.” :sunglasses:



Nice photography!


Sooo jealous of That cetme!


Thanks! But its just an iPhone. Im far from a photographer lol


My Kahr Thompson “21A” SBR. Paul Krogh of Diamond K and Dan Block’s work. Great shooter.


Awesome gun!!!


Thanks, but I couldn’t stop at one, so…




Freaking expensive “Pringles”! Nobody can stop at just 1! Nice collection


Thanks !


Wow, that’s big family !


Thank u. I need a Thompson in my life! Man they are just to cool


My .44-40 Uberti Henry Rifle engraved by my friend and master artisan, Stephen Brasier. This was his first engraving job !