Long gun picture thread 2.0


Freaking expensive “Pringles”! Nobody can stop at just 1! Nice collection


Thanks !


Wow, that’s big family !


Thank u. I need a Thompson in my life! Man they are just to cool


My .44-40 Uberti Henry Rifle engraved by my friend and master artisan, Stephen Brasier. This was his first engraving job !



How do you like your “Tommy Gun(s)” Anticus?


Well, I love them of course ;). Seriously the closest I’ll come to owning the real thing, but I have fired the real thing before. Lots of fun, especially if someone else is paying for the ammo ! The semi’s are ammo hungry too, they just don’t eat as fast.



Real thing, or not, very nice! Thank you for sharing your pictures of them. Even better would be if you have any videos of your shooting them!


Thanks. I 've been lucky enough to fire the Colt 1921, Savage 1928a1 and I own SBR versions of the the 27a1 (one, a Kahr, set up like the 21a , the other, a West Hurley, like the old Savage 28a1). But my favorite shooter is my Kahr M1, also a Form 1 conversion. Shooting from a closed bolt it is very accurate. It likes Seymour unmodified mags and Winchester White box, but I’ve fired a variety of .45 ball with great reliability, including some hot Israeli SMG ammo. I’ll work on doing a video sometime, never done it before but it should be fun !


One for you roller lock fans:


That’s a set beast