Long gun picture thread 2.0



How do you like your “Tommy Gun(s)” Anticus?


Well, I love them of course ;). Seriously the closest I’ll come to owning the real thing, but I have fired the real thing before. Lots of fun, especially if someone else is paying for the ammo ! The semi’s are ammo hungry too, they just don’t eat as fast.



Real thing, or not, very nice! Thank you for sharing your pictures of them. Even better would be if you have any videos of your shooting them!


Thanks. I 've been lucky enough to fire the Colt 1921, Savage 1928a1 and I own SBR versions of the the 27a1 (one, a Kahr, set up like the 21a , the other, a West Hurley, like the old Savage 28a1). But my favorite shooter is my Kahr M1, also a Form 1 conversion. Shooting from a closed bolt it is very accurate. It likes Seymour unmodified mags and Winchester White box, but I’ve fired a variety of .45 ball with great reliability, including some hot Israeli SMG ammo. I’ll work on doing a video sometime, never done it before but it should be fun !


One for you roller lock fans:


That’s a set beast


Is that a .223 chambered rifle with a 40 round magazine?


That’s what I was thinking as well




It looks just like East German Weiger mags that you can fit to run in 5.56 ak rifles




Yessir…HK93 parts kit on a Special Weapons receiver, and yes, those are 40 round 5.56 mags.


This is my go-to rifle. I absolutely love it and have learned a lot with it.


Specs? Shes a beaut.


Very clean and crisp. I like it.


Aly.bel is under the weather at the moment so I will fill in for this question.
The rifle is a Remington 700 tactical, with a 20” bull barrel, non 5R rifling. 11 degree crown.
Optic is a Leupold MARK 4 LR/T illuminated 4.5-14x50. Burris tactical 30mm rings. 20 MOA tapered nightforce rail that I had to cut down in the mill. The rail is bedded to this action.
Trigger is a timmey trigger adjusted just under 2lbs.
Harris bi pod. H.S. Precision stock with kydex adjustable cheek riser.
The rifle is very accurate after the build we both went to the range. After sighting in at 100 yards we walked back to 300 yards. She handed me the rifle after she shot a 3round group that measured under an inch. I shot the rifle and with factory ammo shot this group

She is very happy with this rifle.


She says thank you James!


Damn, thats hell of a rifle. Very clean and slick looking. :+1:


:heart: nice


Sorry @aly.bel isn’t feeling well. Hope she’s better soon.